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Robust Ruby Course

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Robust Ruby Course

Avdi Grimm

Get expert guidance on logging, failure management, and performance optimization from RubyTapas and Nate Berkopec.

Shipping your app is only the beginning

In this RubyTapas banquet, learn how to keep your Ruby/Rails apps running smoothly with lessons on:

  • Logging and monitoring
  • Performance optimization
  • Failure management

This course includes:

  • 24 tight, focused lessons drawn from the RubyTapas archives
  • Full transcripts and code for each lesson
  • Bonus videos, new for this course: Rails performance diagnostics with Nate Berkopec! Nate is a widely-recognized expert on Rails application optimization, and the author of The Complete Guide to Rails Performance.

Note: this course is also available as part of a Graceful.Dev Pro Membership.

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